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Supply Chain, Warehousing, and Distribution Services

Today’s logistics and supply chain management requires a wide range of capabilities, abilities, and disciplines. Airgroup has an exceptional menu of services as well as a skilled and experienced team to meet every challenge.

We develop customer-specific plans for product distribution, finished goods distribution, warehousing, and complete pool distribution both domestically and internationally.

Through a network of skilled and professional agents on every continent, we offer superior product management and distribution. Product is received, inventoried, stocked, picked, shipped, and recorded efficiently and in real time. Shipment movement, sales, in-transit status, and distribution records are available as part of the Global Warehousing and Product Distribution supply chain management program.

We’ve developed unique and customer-specific transportation and logistics solutions for a wide range of industries— including manufacturing, retail, fashion, trade and convention, technology, aviation, engineering, and more.

We can provide both international and domestic consolidation services to ensure optimal transit times, effective flight selection, superior tracing and tracking, and unparalleled value. These services are essential to the overall management of your complete supply chain.

We have expertise in managing all aspects of merge-in-transit product. Our services include:

  • Preparation of warehouse receipts
  • Product logging and storage
  • Product selection (pick), preparation (pack), inspection, and documentation
  • Shipping and inventory management

These services can be fully integrated with a purchase order management system.

We can help reduce fixed costs associated with finished product warehousing, inventory management, and personnel burden. Our global network assures that your product can be shipped and maintained in a safe, secure facility until it is required by the end user. Lead-time compression is answered with our management of finished goods distribution.

Time-specific release and distribution can be critical for targeted products such as books, CDs, videos, and electronics. We can coordinate complete distribution (including "to door" services) throughout North America and across the globe.

Our extensive network offers expert cross dock experience, allowing you to turn your product more quickly and effectively while reducing the overall transit time and eliminating the fixed cost of warehouse operations.

A complete menu of sorting and segmentation services is available at all Airgroup facilities. Sorting can be managed by part number, SKU, inventory number, stock number, or purchase order.

We can provide you and your designated vendor with process and procedure for setting up a local warehouse or distribution facility, all with minimal investment in infrastructure and fixed cost. Our system will give you all the necessary systems to easily record the flow of multiple products from any number of vendors or suppliers with varied storage, assembly, kitting, or product management services.

Our vast network of facilities can provide short term or interim storage of product while in transit. This product may be coupled with other products or raw materials while in storage. Storage-in-transit suggests that the shipment is still "moving" under the provisions of the original bill of lading.

We offer purchase order management that addresses the consolidation of product and purchase orders from single or multiple sources, both vendor and country of origin. We make sure to coordinate multi-origin, multi-vendor PO management in a timely and efficient manner.

Our product return services allow for rejected, defective, damaged, or unused product to be returned to a central location. From there, it is consolidated and shipped to and from a singular point where all items can be inspected, inventoried, and evaluated for function prior to final disposal or return.

Our global network of agents is prepared to provide basic in-transit assembly, product pairing, insertions, and coupling for a wide variety of products. This allows for immediate manpower supplementation, with any additional cost being variable rather than fixed. Typical activities may include manual and warranty insertion, cable attachment, memory installation, faceplate or cover installation, and packaged software merging.

We have a sophisticated management infrastructure for surface and air transportation, logistics technologies, warehousing, and inventory management that provides the best environment for increasing profits, improving product control, assuring shipment integrity, reducing product shrinkage, maximizing timely delivery of product, and ensuring the efficient exchange of shipment data.

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